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Casual Patient Fees - Entitled for Funded Healthcare

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Visitor Patient Fees


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* Admin charge of $5 is applicable for faxing or emailing prescriptions and lab forms.

* For patients wishing to pay by internet banking, our bank details are: Westpac Bank, 03-0207-0047199-000

* Unpaid Accounts: $5 per month for any uncleared accounts. Payment expected at time of service, or online.

* All appointments are 15 minutes only.
New patient appointments are for $30 minutes and a double consult charge is applicable for BOTH phone and Face-to-Face appoitnments..

* Full consult charges may apply if your consultation is over 15 minutes

* Evening and Weekend clinic Surcharge of $5.00 is applicable

* CSC = Community Services Card. This fee is available only to enrolled patients with a valid CSC. Casual patients with a current valid CSC receive a $15 discount on casual fee. 

* This fee for patients with CSC only applies to a doctor’s medical or ACC consultation. There is an additional fee for nurse services, medical reports, MSD/WINZ benefit forms, driver’s license medical reports, cervical smears etc.

Patients eligible for funded consultation fees are NZ citizens, permanent residents and people on a valid NZ entry permit covering two years (excluding visitors and student permits).


Enrolled Patient Fees - Entitled for Funded Healthcare