Enrol with us




You can enrol by downloading our enrolment form and emailing it to us or by visiting us at the clinic. The Ministry of Health requires us to confirm your residency status so you will need to provide evidence such as a passport or birth certificate.


By enrolling with us you will be able to get cheaper doctors’ visits and reduced costs on prescription medicines. We are a member of Auckland PHO (Primary Health Organisation) and receive funding from the government to subsidise your fees and provide a range of additional services to keep you and your family well.


Building up a relationship with us over time is beneficial for you and your family. We’ll be able to better understand your needs so that when you do get sick we’ll be better able to help you. We will also keep track of important screenings for you and let you know when you need to come in for a checkup. Enrolling with us also means that you will have access to a range of additional services when you need them.


For patients who need information on Disability support, please email us on info@pranafamilyhealth.co.nz with your query or click here to find out more about organisations, service providers and some of the resources they produce. Click here for contact details for the Nationwide Health & Disability Advocacy Service. 

If you or a family member need medical assistance whilst we are closed, please visit any White Cross Clinic (St Lukes 8am - 8pm (09 815 3111), New Lynn 8am - 8pm (09 828 8912), Henderson (09 836 3336) and Ascot open 24 hours (09 520 9555) or visit your local Accident and Emergency Department if you need urgent medical attention. Remember to CALL them first. Stay Safe!!